What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the debate surrounding the use of marijuana as a medicine. Most people have heard of the active chemical in cannabis called "THC" this is one of over 60 compounds that is found in cannabis, but recently in the states medical researchers have shifted there attention to another chemical compound that is also naturally found in cannabis called "CBD" - and for good reason.

Researchers have found that CBD contains many of the same medicinal benefits as marijuana, but without experiencing the high, allowing you to fully function throughout your day making it an ideal medicine. 

About Our Product

We have taken our time to develop what we believe is a breakthrough in CBD E-Liquid. Our CBD E-Liquids delivers real noticeable results that you will feel almost immediately. Vaping one of our premium CBD E-Liquids provides users with an enjoyable, smooth, and consistent finish that reflects the experience, time, and technology that goes into producing every bottle of our CBD E-Liquid.

Safety & Consistency

Our experienced technicians carefully handcraft each batch of our premium CBD E-Liquid in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We use advanced proprietary techniques and utilize technologies found in many leading pharmaceutical laboratories to offer you an effective, all natural, and pure CBD E-Liquid.

Traceability & Precision

Every step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and our equipment is frequently calibrated to ensure accuracy. Our proprietary manufacturing equipment allows us to accurately check every batch of our CBD E-Liquids for consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Before any bottle of our premium CBD E-Liquid leaves our facility, it is assigned an individual batch ID number. Each individual batch is carefully checked for consistency and precise CBD volume. This allows us to ensure that every bottle of premium CBD E-Liquid we produce maintains our high standards.