CBD Crystals

Our range of CBD crystals offer the cleanest, purest form of CBD available. With purity levels as high as 99%, crystallised CBD is ideal for use when added to an e-liquid, an oil carrier or cooked into food or drinks. They can also be used sublingually.

Highly refined, our CBD crystals only contain tiny, trace amounts of non-CBD cannabinoids and terpenes. Like all high quality CBD crystals, they do not contain THC, meaning you won’t feel a “high” or experience any other unwanted psychoactive effects.

Browse our complete range below and choose from a range of options containing different total amounts of CBD. Solvent-free and independently quality tested, our CBD crystals are produced by industry-leading manufacturers in the USA and UK.

CBD Crystals not suitable for you? Try our CBD E Liquids, CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures/CBD Oral Drops, or CBD Capsules for alternative CBD products

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