CBD Vape Additives

Our diverse range of CBD vape additives includes concentrated CBD additives suitable for use with your favourite e-liquids.

CBD vape additives aren’t designed to be vaped alone — instead, they contain a concentrated amount of CBD that you can easily add to any e-liquid, giving you the benefits of CBD with the taste of any e-liquid you like.

Browse our range below and choose from a huge range of different CBD vape additives. From small 10ml options to larger 30ml additives, we stock a large selection of flavourless additives in various strengths(100mg to 1500mg), making it easy to pick a vape concentrate that matches your preferences.

CBD Vape Additive not suitable for you? Try our CBD Edibles, CBD Oil,  CBD Tinctures/CBD Oral Drops, or CBD Capsules for alternative CBD products

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