300mg Dutch CBD Oil Spray


Our incredible 300mg Dutch CBD oil is an all-natural spray which has come from the highest quality hemp farms in Holland. With an emphasis on keeping things simple and natural, you can ensure the best quality and most effective results.

  • 20ml bottle
  • 1.5% CBD per 20ml bottle
  • 300mg of CBD + CBDa Per 20ml bottle
  • 0.16ml of CBD oil per spray
  • 2.4mg of CBD per spray

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300mg Dutch CBD Oil Spray – 20ml Bottle

A 20ml bottle of our popular 300mg Dutch CBD oil spray is natural with no strange flavours, chemicals or additives – just simply CBD oil and some olive oil to help your body to absorb it. It is vegan and lactose friendly and the CBD oil has been extracted using the CO2 method instead of nasty solvents. Our careful Dutch farmers are particular about not using pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers so that you only get pure and natural goodness.

What`s in our 300mg Dutch CBD Oil Spray?

Our Dutch CBD oil only contains natural CBD oil, mixed with olive oil to help it get absorbed for maximum effect.

Our 20ml bottle of 300mg Dutch CBD oil spray includes:

  • 300mg CBD and CBDA
  • That`s 0.16ml CBD oil or 2.4mg CBD per spray

We recommend that you take 1-2 sprays of CBD oil spray under the tongue, 3-4 times a day, preferably with food.

Spray Rather than Dropper Pipettes

Our CBD oil is now sold in a spray form, as opposed to the dropper pipettes as they previously were. We believe that it is easier to administer and control your CBD products and dosage through spraying under the tongue, as well as having less potential for leakage and being less messy.

What You Need to Know

  • Ingredients – Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil
  • Contains negligible amounts of THC
  • This CBD Spray oil is intended for oral use only – it cannot be vaporised
  • The CBD Spray oil is a food supplement