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Entourage CBD Capsules by Love CBD is available in bottles of either 30 or 60, each capsule contains 10mg of CBD/CBDa. Take orally (best with food) the CBD is absorbed in the stomach with the aid of the Coconut Oil. Perfect for people who do not like the taste of CBD or just looking for an easier way to take it.

  • Contains 30/60 CBD Oil Capsules
  • 300mg/600mg of CBD and CBDa Per tub
  • 10mg of CBD/CBDa per capsule
  • Vegetable Capsules
  • Vegan-Friendly

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Entourage CBD Capsules By Love CBD

Love CBD Entourage CBD Capsules are available in either 300mg in 30 pieces or 600mg in 60 pieces and are for oral consumption that could potentially offer a range of health benefits. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD/CBDa each (300mg or 600mg CBD Per Bottle). Entourage capsules contain Love CBD’s unique cocktail of legal cannabis strains, which are chosen for their diverse cannabinoid content. By combining different types of cannabis grown in different climates we have sought to maximise the possibilities of the cannabis plant.

This effect is called “The Entourage Effect“.

We loved this idea so much that we developed a product based on it. Over the course of three years, we’ve been mixing countless cannabis oils in an effort to perfect The Entourage Effect.

That’s the goal of our Entourage products: to perfect The Entourage Effect and to produce the Ultimate Cannabis Cocktail.

What’s In The Entourage CBD Capsules?

Love CBD only add two ingredients into their Entourage CBD Capsules because why complicated it and wreck all that natural goodness?

  • Cannabis extract
  • Coconut oil

Why Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is used in our products because it helps the absorption of CBD into the body. If there was no coconut oil in our products most of the CBD would not be absorbed. Coconut oil is thought to be the best type of healthy fat for absorbing CBD.

Entourage CBD Capsules Dosage

All of our dosage information is just a guideline everybody is different. It’s best to start your dosage low and build it up

We suggest you take 1 capsule daily for three days. If you feel as if you need more build it up to 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Keep out of the reach of children and store appropriately.

NB: All products sold on cbdoil.co.uk website have less than 0.2% THC content

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  1. (14 Reviews)

    Jess (verified owner)

    Great fast delivery

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  2. (14 Reviews)

    Sarah (verified owner)

    It is still early days but so far so good, and I believe my pains will get better and better. First class delivery service no waiting for days. Feel very confident in this company.

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  3. (14 Reviews)

    Liz Nurse (verified owner)

    Tremendous help with my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Far more relief than prescribed meds.

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  4. (14 Reviews)

    Graeme M. (verified owner)

    Only been a handful of days but generally feel calmer and sleeping better. If these effects continue will definitely recommend and repeat buy.

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  5. (14 Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Placed a order with no problems, and a quick delivery 👍

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  6. (14 Reviews)

    Helen Boyle (verified owner)

    Great speedy service !!

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  7. (14 Reviews)

    WILLIAM DRINKWATER (verified owner)

    The consignment has reached me – thank you

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  8. (14 Reviews)

    Yvonne (verified owner)

    Can’t comment on the effect of these as I am still experimenting with the dosage. Have been very impressed with the company though as they are very efficient.

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  9. (14 Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, must reduced pain in my knee.

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  10. (14 Reviews)

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Good product

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  11. (14 Reviews)

    Allen (verified owner)

    Was a bit sceptical at first as nothing seemed to be happening however after a week there was a definite improvement and now for the last 2 days I’ve not needed any pain killers 😁

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  12. (14 Reviews)

    Ann Reeves (verified owner)

    Good product. Easy to use order line. Speedy delivery.

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  13. (14 Reviews)

    Liz Nurse (verified owner)

    These are what keeps the nasty pain and aches away, helps me to live my life

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  14. (14 Reviews)

    Alex (verified owner)


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