Indica CBD 250mg 10ml E Liquid By Love CBD

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Indica CBD E Liquid 250mg 10ml By Love CBD is a finely crafted e liquid with the flavour Indica Terpenes for a natural flavour and earthy, yet herbal taste. Offering the potential benefits of CBD this liquid is suitable for use by anyone who vapes.

Each Bottle:

  • 10ml E Liquid In Each Bottle
  • o% THC
  • Intended For Vaping Use Only
  • Indica Terpenes

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Indica CBD 250mg 10ml E-Liquid By Love CBD

Indica CBD 250mg 10ml E-Liquid By Love CBD is an e-liquid that has been infused with hand-picked cannabis Terpenes. This creates a herby and earthy taste with sharp notes. If you are looking for an authentic flavoured CBD E-Liquid then look no further.

There are two types of Cannabis commonly used by people: Sativa and Indica. They grow in different parts of the world, in different climates. Sativa plants tend to grow tall and thin, while Indica plants grow shorter and wider.

Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting and invigorating than Indica. The name gives it away. This liquid is created using an Indica strain so it may help you relax and could help calm your mind. Love CBD claims that they have formulated this liquid in order to mimic the effect of Indica strains of cannabis and without the use of THC (The psychoactive agent in the cannabis plant).

This e-liquid has been infused with specifically-chosen cannabis terpenes – in a ratio designed to imitate the effects of Indica strains of cannabis.

• Contains 250mg of CBD.
• Infused with Indica Terpenes
• 10ml of CBD E-Liquid Per Bottle

Please see our Dosage Calculator (Click For Link) Make sure you are getting the right dose for you.

NB: All products sold on website have less than 0.2% THC content

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