Creme Blu CBD Salve 125mg 1 Oz By Blue Moon Hemp

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Creme Blu CBD Body Salve 125mg By Blue Moon is a rich salve packed with nourishing essential oils and natural ingredients. On top of this, it has been infused with the finest full spectrum CBD. If vaping or oils are not your style then you may want to try this. The salve penetrates the subdermal layers and is absorbed directly into your joints and muscles.

Each Pot:

  • 125mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 1 Oz Per Tub
  • Applied Directly To The Skin
  • Packed With Natural Ingredients

Out of stock

Creme Blu CBD Salve 125mg 1 Oz By Blue Moon Hemp

Creme Blu CBD Salve 125mg 1 Oz By Blue Moon Hemp is applied directly to the skin. It is part of Blue Moon Hemp’s ever-growing products range, in thanks to a huge growth in popularity for commercial CBD users. This luxurious body salve is a cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil infused with essential oils for maximum benefit to the user. Not only will you get the goodness from the essential oils which help hydrate and repair your skin, but you will also get a generous helping if Full Spectrum CBD and all the potential benefits associated with it.

The entourage effect is often cited when discussing CBD. Blue Moon Hemp believe that same concept applies to their proprietary essential oil compound which is composed of Emu Oil, Calendula, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut and several terpenes. All of these are then infused with our CBD formulation to give you a powerful salve which penetrates the epidermal layer and goes directly to the joint and muscle tissue. This provides maximum effectiveness and may be beneficial to people who cannot use oil drops or vape CBD.

Use as needed. Apply to skin and massage until absorbed.

Keep out of the reach of children.

NB: All products sold on cbdoil.co.uk website have less than 0.2% THC content

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