CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg 30ml By Virtue

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Virtue CBD Oil is available in 30ml bottles and each bottle contains 1500mg of high-grade CBD. Included with the bottle is a dropper making it easy to use as a tincture. This product is not made to be vaped or smoked.

Each Roll-On:

  • 1500mg CBD per bottle
  • o% THC
  • UK Made
  • Non-GMO

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CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg 30ml By Virtue

CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg 30ml By Virtue is a big bottle of Virtue’s renowned, specially steeped CBD oil that delivers the full range of cannabinoid molecules fast.

Less is more. Our CBD oil is made by gently heating pure Californian CBD isolate in high proof grain alcohol to produce a clean, concentrated liquid.

Every drop is made from certified pure CBD isolate from our farm in the CBD heartland of California. All our CBD has all the full spectrum phytocannabinoids needed for the entourage effect and is naturally rich in CBG, CBN, CBC, 100+ synergistic terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids.

These drops are perfect for taking CBD no matter where you are. Simply pop a few drops under your tongue, or mix into a drink for an instant dose.

Our tincture oil’s secret power is its versatility. For maximum effect, it is best used sublingually – under the tongue, but it can be dropped into food, mixed into cakes, popped into a cup of tea or coffee, and for an extra relaxing effect, stirred into camomile tea. The built-in dropper makes taking CBD a breeze.

A dropper bottle containing 30ml of oil.

Administer oil under the tongue and hold for 45 seconds before swallowing.

For best results take them at roughly the same time each day and do not skip a day if possible. CBD works best if taken regularly.

Vegetarian? Our CBD tincture oil is suitable for strict vegetarians.


250mg CBD in a 30ml bottle = 8.3mg per ml (0.83% concentration)

500mg CBD in a 30ml bottle = 16.6mg per ml (1.66% concentration)

1000mg CBD in a 30ml bottle = 33.3mg per ml (3.3% concentration)

1500mg CBD in a 30ml bottle = 50mg per ml (5% concentration)

3000mg CBD in a 30ml bottle = 100mg per ml (10% concentration)

1 full dropper contains 1ml of liquid

Keep out of the reach of children.

NB: All products sold on cbdoil.co.uk website have less than 0.2% THC content

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