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Canabidol: Product Overview and Buyer’s Guide

One of the UK’s best selling CBD brands, Canabidol offer a selection of pharmacy-standard CBD products, including CBD oil drops, oral CBD capsules, skin-soothing CBD rescue cream, CBD vape e-liquids and even sublingual CBD tabs.

Founded in 2015, Canabidol is one of several brands we offer in our online CBD shop. Below, we’ve looked at the entire Canabidol product range, as well as the company’s origins, quality control process and more.

What is Canabidol?

Not to be confused with “cannabidiol”, the full chemical name for CBD, Canabidol is a UK-based CBD products brand that’s been operating since 2015.

Canabidol started as a manufacturer of CBD gel tabs, which offered a precise dosage of CBD with convenient sublingual administration. The company’s gel tabs quickly caught on and, over the next few years, became the UK’s best selling cannabis food supplement. 

Today, Canabidol’s product range includes all of the usual CBD products, from oil droppers and gel tabs to vape e-liquids, oral capsules and more.

Like other high quality CBD brands, Canabidol take their manufacturing process seriously. Their products are all made to meet the strict, precise standards of UK pharmacists and undergo high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment  testing before going on sale.

The result of this process is high quality, pure CBD that’s free of microbiological or heavy metal contamination, all sold at a reasonable price and in a variety of different products. 

Full List of Canabidol Products

Unlike many other CBD brands, Canabidol’s focus isn’t on offering the largest possible range of products. Instead, the company only offers a few CBD products, with a focus on delivering high quality CBD instead of offering everything under the sun.

We stock six different Canabidol products in our online CBD shop, all of which are listed below:

Cannabis CBD Oil Drops 10ml

Available in 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg strengths, Canabidol’s CBD Oil Drops are the brand’s most popular product. Like other oil drops, they’re easy to use and ideal if you want to consume CBD throughout the day without using a vaporiser or taking capsules.

Like other Canabidol products, these CBD oil drops are terpene-rich and a lab tested to ensure that their THC content is below 0.2%. Ideal for newbies to CBD or enthusiasts, these drops are an easy, convenient and pure-tasting way to get started with CBD. 

CBD Oral Capsules (30 Pieces)

Canabidol’s CBD Oral Capsules are made in England and contain 10mg of CBD each, with 30 capsules per pack. Like other Canabidol products, they’re made using EU-approved industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and are tested to ensure a 0.2% THC content or less.

Designed for use with or after food, oral capsules are a convenient way to enjoy CBD without depending on oil drops, e-liquids or other products. 

CBDa Cannabis Supplement Capsules (30 Pieces)

With 10mg of CBDa per capsule, Canabidol’s CBDa Cannabis Supplement Capsules are an alternative to conventional CBD capsules for those who prefer cannabidiolic acid to CBD.

Like other Canabidol products, these capsules are made using EU-approved industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), with a production process that lacks the heating that’s typically used to convert cannabidiolic acid into CBD. 

CBD Cannabis Cacao-Tabs (10 Pieces)

Great tasting and convenient, Canabidol’s CBD Cannabis Cacao-Tabs contain a mix of either 25mg or 50mg of CBD with white chocolate, making them perfect as a tasty CBD treat for any time of day.

Designed for people who dislike the taste of regular CBD oil drops, these Cacao-Tabs are easy to use — simply slip them under the tongue and leave them for 10-15 minutes to quickly absorb either 25 or 50mg of CBD. 

CBD Rescue Cream 50ml

One of Canabidol’s best known products, CBD Rescue Cream is a skincare cream designed to restore, repair and calm your skin. Fragranced with 100% cannabis terpenes, each bottle of this cream contains either 250mg or 500mg of full spectrum CBD.

The cream also contains all of the natural waxes and fatty acids found in the cannabis plant for optimal skin repair and rejuvenation. This means that you’ll experience both the benefits of CBD for physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as for soft, nourished and hydrated skin.  

Cannabis CBD E-Liquid 10ml

Canabidol only offer one e-liquid — a 0% THC e-liquid that’s available with a choice of 100, 250 or 500mg of CBD per bottle. Made in the UK, it’s lab tested for purity and sold without any extra added flavours.

Ideal for use on its own or mixed with a flavoured e-liquid, Canabidol’s e-liquid is a good option for those who don’t like the sweet, artificially flavoured e-liquids offered by other CBD brands. 

Canabidol: Overall Verdict

Canabidol make excellent CBD products, from their oil drops to their capsules, cacao-tabs and e-liquids. While their product range isn’t very big, their products are made to high standards in the UK and lab tested for purity, making them a good option if quality if your concern. 

We’re particularly fond of Canabidol’s capsules and cacao-tabs, both of which are good options if you like to take in CBD orally but don’t like the taste of oil drops. 

However, if you’re a CBD vape enthusiast, you may not be satisfied with the relatively small size of Canabidol’s e-liquid lineup and will probably prefer a vape-focused brand like Evolved CBD or Ace CBD Vapes

View Our Range of Canabidol Products

Looking for Canabidol oil drops, capsules, creams or e-liquids? We stock a complete range of Canabidol products in our online CBD shop, with free UK delivery for all orders with a value of £25 or more. 

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