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Love CBD: Product Overview and Buyer’s Guide

Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, Love CBD is a family-owned and operated business located right here in the UK. Operating since 2014, Love CBD offer a wide range of high quality CBD oils and products, including their famous Entourage Oil. 

With a focus on using only the highest quality help to create their products, Love CBD is one of several UK-based brands that focus on quality rather than having the biggest range of products or flashiest marketing.

As such, they’re a brand worth considering for CBD enthusiasts looking for a pure, high quality, lab tested source of CBD.

Below, we’ve explained the origins of Love CBD as a brand, as well as what this company does differently from other CBD manufacturers. We’ve also listed Love CBD’s best products, with our thoughts on which offer the best effects, benefits and value for money.

What is Love CBD?

Founded in 2014, Love CBD was one of the UK’s first CBD brands to focus on the quality of its products. 

Based in Suffolk, Love CBD was launched as a family-run business. Today, it’s still a relatively small operation, run by a UK-based family from its headquarters in Newmarket. Despite this, it has grown tremendously in reputation and is today one of the UK’s best known CBD brands.

In its early days, Love CBD’s focus was on producing some of the finest CBD products on the market. While other brands produced CBD from industrial hemp waste, the people behind Love CBD sought out European suppliers capable of producing CBd from hemp flowers. 

The company also specifically targeted manufacturers that could grow hemp for the purpose of producing CBD products, rather than simply using bulk industrial hemp.

Today, all of Love CBD’s products are made using the highest quality, 100% organically grown cannabis. The company takes pride in its manufacturing process and states that no herbicides, pesticides, artificial chemicals or fertilisers are used to grow its hemp.

Beyond this, all of the brand’s products are lab tested both for purity and to ensure that they’re below the legal limit for THC. Love CBD currently use AL-Bioservices, a UKAS-certified testing lab in Bury, as their lab testing partner, with detailed testing results posted on their website. 

The final result of this process, from sourcing to testing, is a range pure, high quality CBD oils and other products that have helped Love CBD develop and strengthen its reputation as one of the UK’s top CBD brands. 

Interested in browsing Love CBD’s product range? We stock a diverse selection of Love CBD’s oils, capsules and other CBD products in our online CBD shop. You can also learn more about specific Love CBD products below. 

Top-Selling Love CBD Products

Below, we’ve listed our three top-selling Love CBD products, along with a short description of what sets each product apart from the competition. 

Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 20ml

Love CBD’s Entourage Oil Spray is arguably the brand’s best known and most popular product — an unflavoured, vegan-friendly natural CBD spray that lets you consume CBD with quick and efficient absorption.

Designed to be sprayed under the tongue, Entourage Oil Spray is absorbed quickly, meaning it can enter your bloodstream and start providing effects faster than many other forms of CBD. 

Like other Entourage Oil products, this spray uses Love CBD’s unique, in-house blend of legal cannabis strains designed to provide a diverse cannabinoid content. Aimed at producing a full “entourage effect”, this blend is the result of two years of in-house testing by Love CBD. 

Currently, the Entourage Oil blend contains cannabis sourced from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Lithuania and Croatia and contains just two ingredients — cannabis extract and olive oil. 

Like other CBD sprays, Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray is available in several strengths, with a range of 800mg to 2,000mg of CBD per bottle. All in all, one of our favourite CBD sprays and a great option for those who prefer a CBD oil oral spray to an oil tincture. 

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray 20ml

Another popular CBD oil spray, Love CBD’s Dutch CBD Oil Spray is manufactured using Dutch cannabis oil. Like other Love CBD products, the hemp used to produce this oil is grown without any pesticides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful chemicals. 

Love CBD designed this oil in an effort to offer high quality Netherlands cannabis, which is well known throughout Europe for its purity and quality, at a low price.

Just like Entourage Oil, it contains only two ingredients — cannabis extract and olive oil. Unlike the Entourage Oil spray, which uses a blend of different cannabis plants, Dutch CBD Oil uses a simpler formula, with only a single source of Dutch cannabis extract.

Just like other CBD oil sprays, Dutch CBD Oil Spray absorbs quickly, meaning you may notice its effects faster than you would with an oil tincture or capsule. It’s also available in a range of different strengths, with 150mg, 300mg and 500mg options available.

Love CBD Cannabis Infused Balm

Made using shea butter, coconut oil and other natural ingredients, this relaxing balm is an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of CBD while soothing and smoothing your skin.

Like other Love CBD products, Love CBD Cannabis Infused Balm is manufactured using high quality, organically grown cannabis sourced from Slovenia and Croatia. Each container has a CBD content of 300mg in a full 30 grams of balm. 

Beyond shea butter and coconut oil, this balm also contains rosemary, grape seed oil, cacao and other healthy, skin-safe natural ingredients, many of which offer their own natural healing properties. 

Other Love CBD Products

In addition to the products listed above, we also stock a wide range of other CBD products from Love CBD. Other top-sellers include the following:

  • Entourage CBD Capsules. Available in a bottle of 60, each of these capsules contains a full 10mg of Love CBD’s Entourage CBD mixed into coconut oil for easy absorption in the stomach.

    With a total CBD content of 600mg per container, these CBD capsules are an excellent alternative to CBD sprays and oil tinctures for anyone who prefers a tasteless and easy way to consume CBD while on the go.
  • Dutch CBD Capsules. Another great capsule-based CBD product, these capsules use Love CBD’s famous Dutch CBD instead of the brand’s Entourage Oil. Each capsule has a modest 5mg CBD content, making these a great option for newbies to CBD. 

    We offer Love CBD’s Duct CBD Capsules in two different sizes, with containers available containing 30 or 60 capsules. Unlike many other CBD brands, Love CBD do not use any gelatin for their CBD capsules, making these capsules 100% vegan friendly.
  • CBD Spray. In addition to their popular Entourage and Dutch CBD sprays, Love CBD also offer this plain, unflavoured CBD Spray. Each 20ml bottle offers 250 or 500mg of CBD (spread over roughly 120 sprays) with a vegan-friendly and lactose-free formula.
  • CBD E-Liquids. Although Love CBD do not specialize in e-liquids, we carry two great vape oils from them, each of which offers its own unique advantages for those who like to vape their CBD.

    Love CBD’s Sativa CBD E-Liquid is a terpene-based e-liquid that’s infused with sativa terpenes for a more uplifting effect, while the brand’s Indica CBD E-Liquid is flavoured with indica terpenes for a more natural, earthy feel. 

Love CBD: Overall Verdict

Thanks to their focus on quality, Love CBD have grown into one of the UK’s most popular CBD brands. Overall, their products are excellent buys, offering a mix of quality and value that’s not always easy to find in the increasingly crowded CBD market.

Love CBD is a particularly good choice if you prefer to consume CBD using a spray rather than an oil tincture or e-liquid. Love CBD’s sprays are some of the best on the market, offering great quality CBD backed up by thorough lab testing, all at a very reasonable price.

Overall, Love CBD are one of several brands we feel comfortable recommending, especially for fans of CBD sprays and capsules.

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Looking for Love CBD sprays, capsules or other products? We stock a complete range of Love CBD products in our online CBD shop, with free UK delivery for all orders with a value of £25 or more.

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