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CannabiGold: Product Overview and Buyer’s Guide

Poland’s biggest name in CBD, CannabiGold offer a diverse range of premium CBD capsules and oils. 

The official product line of HemPoland, CannabiGold’s products are made using a combination of purchased and in-house growth hemp. This use of in-house hemp lets CannabiGold offer an extremely high level of quality and purity, all of which is backed up by precise testing. 

If you’re looking for a premium CBD brand, CannabiGold has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, their product line is a little limited compared to other brands, with CBD oil and capsules currently the only products available.

We offer all of CannabiGold’s products in our online CBD shop. Below, we’ve put together a full guide to the CannabiGold brand, covering everything from CannabiGold’s history to the brand’s current product lineup. 

What is CannabiGold?

CannabiGold is the official in-house brand of HemPoland, Poland’s first private company with a state license to grow and manufacture cannabis sativa.

In the wake of CBD’s large-scale legalisation across Britain and the EU, HemPoland has grown into one of Europe’s leading wholesale hemp sellers. Today, the company operates as a leading hemp industry wholesaler, offering hemp products such as protein, and as a CBD brand.

As you’d expect for a large-scale hemp supplier, HemPoland has invested heavily in producing a quality product. The company’s hemp is selected specifically to be rich in phytocannabinoids, with extensive testing performed to ensure the company harvests the optimal strains. 

Of course, just about every CBD company makes these claims, often without merit. However, CannabiGold actually follows through on its claims, with pharmaceutics PhD Jarosław Szulfer responsible for overseeing the company’s research. 

As the consumer-focused side of the company, CannabiGold’s products provide the same high quality as HemPoland’s wholesale hemp products. 

As part of HemPoland’s focus on quality rather than quantity, CannabiGold doesn’t offer a very large product lineup. In fact, the company’s product range is very limited, with no CBD edibles, e-liquids, or other popular product types.

Instead, the brand focuses 100% on offering the highest quality CBD oil drops and capsules. As such, if you’re looking for either of these two products, you’ll find a lot to like about this brand. In any other case, one of our many other brands may be a better fit for you.

CannabiGold CBD Oil

CannabiGold’s selection of CBD oils is by far the brand’s most well known. Currently, we stock a selection of four different CBD oil supplements from CannabiGold, all of which deliver a different concentration of CBD.

Food Supplement Classic Oil 500mg 12ml By Cannabigold

With 500mg of full spectrum CBD per bottle, this is CannabiGold’s lowest-strength CBD oil. It’s an ideal choice for people new to CBD who aren’t sure of their dosage requirements, or those who prefer a mild dose of CBD.

Like all CannabiGold products, the company’s Classic CBD oil is batch analysed to ensure it’s safe and accurate to its guaranteed formula. All CannabiGold CBD oil is certified to contain 0% THC and is manufactured within the EU.

Food Supplement Balance Oil 1000mg 12ml By Cannabigold

CannabiGold’s moderate strength CBD oil, Balance has a CBD content of 1,000mg of per 12ml bottle. It also provides a balanced combination of phytocannabinoids, with 500mg of CBD and a 500mg dose of CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) for an enriched and effective formula.

Due to its higher CBD content, this CBD oil is ideal for people who prefer a moderate dosage of CBD, or those who specifically prefer a CBD/CBDA mix.

Food Supplement Premium Oil 1500mg 12ml By Cannabigold

Premium contains 1,500mg of CO2-extracted CBD per bottle, giving it a moderate strength that is ideal for more experienced CBD users. Because of the higher-than-average strength, a single drop of this CBD oil is more than enough for most users. 

Like other CannabiGold products, this CBD oil is manufactured 100%  in Poland by HemPoland, meaning it’s produced and packaged under the company’s famously strict quality control, testing and batch analysis process to ensure a 0% THC content. 

Food Supplement Intense Oil 3000mg 12ml By Cannabigold

CannabiGold’s strongest CBD oil, each 12ml bottle of Intense contains 3,000mg of full spectrum CBD. This makes intense one of the strongest CBD oils available and a great option for users in need of a highly concentrated dose.

Each drop of Intense contains approximately 30mg of phytocannabinoids, making this oil one of the best choices for users that respond best to a large dose of CBD. Like all other CannabiGold products, Intense is made in the EU and analysed to ensure it has a 0% THC content.

CannabiGold Smart Capsules

In addition to CBD oil, CannabiGold offer a range of CBD capsules. Like all CannabiGold CBD products, the company’s capsules are made in the EU and batch tested to ensure they contain 0% THC.

Smart Capsules 10 x 10mg By Cannabigold

This pack of 10 CBD smart capsules from CannabiGold is ideal for people who prefer capsules to CBD oil tinctures. Each capsule contains a minimum of 10mg CO2-extracted CBD, all with no detectable hemp oil taste. 

Smart Capsules 30 x 10mg By Cannabigold

This larger pack of capsules contains 30 smart capsules, each containing a guaranteed 10mg of CBD. If you’re a fan of CBD capsules, purchasing this larger pack provides a slight discount per capsule compared to the smaller 10 capsule pack.

CannabiGold: Overall Verdict

CannabiGold’s CBD oils and capsules are excellent, with a high purity level and extensive batch testing process ensuring that you’re receiving the best. They’re also priced very fairly, especially when the level of quality is considered. 

Add organic farming practices, research by a PhD scientist and thorough lab testing into the mix and CannabiGold stands out as a great choice if you’re specifically looking for CBD capsules or oil. 

However, the size of their product range is small. If you’re looking specifically for CBD capsules or oil, you’ll find a lot to like about CannabiGold. However, if you prefer to vape your CBD, you’ll generally want to look at brands like Ace CBD Vapes, CBDfx or Harmony instead. 

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