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Evolved CBD: Best Value CBD Brand in the UK?

One of the UK’s newest CBD brands, Evolved CBD specialize in e-liquids and vape additives, with a diverse selection of flavours to choose from. 

Evolved CBD is actually our own brand, built from the ground up using our experience in the CBD oils, e-liquids and other products market. 

Unlike other CBD brands, which often rush to sell as wide a range of products as possible, the approach we’ve taken with Evolved CBD is different. Currently, we’re focusing on a small, more focused product lineup of the highest quality products for CBD users and enthusiasts. 

You can browse Evolved CBD’s product range in our online CBD shop. Below, we’ve looked at the entire lineup of vape e-liquids and additives offered by Evolved CBD, with our thoughts on which are the best buys. 

What is Evolved CBD?

We launched Evolved CBD in 2019 after spotting an opportunity to create high quality e-liquids and other products at a competitive price for consumers.

To understand why we did this, let us give you a quick summary of how the market for CBD oils, e-liquids and other products works.

When you buy CBD oil from an online shop, you usually aren’t buying directly from the company that manufactured the product. The same is true if you buy CBD products offline from a shop in your town or city — the product you buy is rarely made by the same company that sells it.

Instead, the manufacturer typically sells the product directly to the retailer, which then sells it on to you at a higher price. This markup can vary in size, with certain retailers charging consumers more and others less.

In some cases, the retailer might buy the product from a wholesaler, meaning there’s a second level of markup involved in the transaction. The end result of this is that you pay more for your CBD oil, e-liquid or other product than the retailer did to buy it from the company that made it. 

This is a standard practice in the world of retail — after all, retailers need to make a profit to pay their staff, creditors, utility bills and, in the case of a physical shop, their rent. However, it leads to a higher price for you as a consumer.

We started Evolved CBD to allow us to sell our own range of lab tested, high quality CBD vape e-liquids and other products directly to consumers.

When you buy an Evolved CBD product from our shop, you’re buying it directly from the same company that makes it. This means that you don’t pay the manufacturer-to-wholesaler or retail markups that are built into the price when you buy from a retail CBD store.

In simple terms, it’s a more efficient business model that means you, as a consumer, pay less for the same high quality, UK-made CBD products.

Thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model, we’re able to charge the lowest prices in the UK for our CBD products, all while making our products right here in the UK and thoroughly lab testing our entire product range.

For example, our 10ml Mint CBD E-Liquid 100mg is available for just £3.99 per bottle. Compare this to £9.79 for this equal-sized bottle of mint e-liquid by Ace CBD Vapes, or £9.49 for this 10ml Morrocan Mint CBD E-Liquid from Harmony

Evolved CBD Vape E-Liquids & Additives

Our vape e-liquids are the core of the Evolved CBD product lineup. Currently, we offer 10 great tasting flavours, all of which are made in the UK, thoroughly lab tested for purity and safety and available in a range of different CBD concentrations.

All of our CBD e-liquids are available from £3.99 per 10ml, 100mg bottle, making them the UK’s cheapest e-liquids currently on the market:

  • Black Jack CBD E-Liquid. Available in 100mg, 300mg, 500mg of CBD per bottle, this tasty CBD e-liquid draws on the flavour of one of Britain’s classic sweets, making it one of the best options out there for aniseed and liquorice lovers.
  • Blackberry CBD E-Liquid. With a classic blackberry flavour, this is a great choice for fans of fruity e-liquids. Like all Evolved CBD e-liquids, it’s batch tested and has as 0% THC content.
  • Blackcurrant CBD E-Liquid. One of the most popular e-liquids in our range, the sweet and tart blackcurrant of this e-liquid makes it a great choice for anyone who likes a great fruity taste to their CBD vapour.
  • Cherry CBD E-Liquid. Fruity, sweet but still subtle enough for all-the-time enjoyment, our great-tasting Cherry CBD E-Liquid is an easy choice. Like all of our other flavours, it’s available in several different concentrations from 100mg to 500mg per 10ml.
  • Lemon CBD E-Liquid. A timeless classic, our Lemon CBD E-Liquid has a refreshing, summer-inspired taste that’s perfect for staying refreshed on hot days. Like all of our e-liquids, it’s made here in the UK and batch tested for CBD purity and content.
  • Mint CBD E-Liquid. Another classic flavour, our Mint CBD E-Liquid smells and tastes great, making it a good option if you want to consume CBD while you’re out and about socialising with friends.
  • Passion Fruit CBD E-Liquid. Another delicious fruit-inspired flavour, our Passion Fruit CBD E-Liquid combines mango, papaya, pineapple and guava with a citrus twist for an always-refreshing mix of flavours.
  • Strawberry CBD E-Liquid. Perfect for sweet lovers, our Strawberry CBD E-Liquid has a classic strawberry flavour that ideal for consumption in any environment and at any time of day.
  • Unflavoured High CBD E-Liquid Nic Shot. Ideal for use as a standalone product or a vape additive, our Unflavoured High CBD E-Liquid Shot contains from 1,000 to 1,500mg of CBD, making it one of the best high-strength e-liquids and additives out there. 

Evolved CBD: Overall Verdict

Since Evolved CBD is our own brand, it wouldn’t be fair of us to give an overall verdict or review score.

However, we do think it’s fair to point out its benefits. Thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model, Evolved CBD products are significantly cheaper than similar products from other brands of comparable quality, often by 50% or more.

At the same time, our complete lab testing and UK manufacturing mean that you always get the same high quality that you deserve as our customer. 

View Our Range of Evolved CBD Products

Want to learn more about Evolved CBD? View our full range of Evolved CBD e-liquids and other products in our online CBD shop and enjoy free UK delivery for all orders of £25 or more.

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