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Harmony CBD: Product Overview and Buyer’s Guide

One of Europe’s best-known CBD brands, Harmony have built a reputation for offering some of the highest quality CBD oils, isolates, vapes and e-liquids, terpenes and skincare products over the last few years.

Founded by Antonin Cohen, Harmony first launched as a CBD brand in 2014. However, the first inspiration for the business emerged much earlier, when Cohen co-founded one of France’s first non-profit organisations dedicated to funding scientific research into hemp.

Currently, Harmony is based in three European cities and one South American location — Paris, London, Barcelona and Lima, Peru. The brand’s CBD products are widely available throughout Europe, North America and other regions in which CBD is legal to supply and purchase.

We offer a diverse range of Harmony products in our online CBD shop. Below, we’ve provided a full guide to the Harmony brand that lists all of their top products and provides more information on what sets Harmony apart from other companies in the CBD space.

What is Harmony CBD? 

Founded in 2014, Harmony aims to provide premium CBD products at fair prices. The company has been operating in Europe since 2014 and today offers an extensive range of CBD products both here in the UK and throughout Europe and North America.

Harmony’s product range includes CBD vapes and e-liquids, pure CBD isolates, terpenes, CBD skincare products and also CBD oils. 

One of the most common concerns of CBD consumers is product purity. Unfortunately, there are many recorded cases of CBD products not containing what’s claimed on the label, particularly in the case of cheap brands sold offline. 

As part of their pledge to high quality, Harmony provide a full certificate of analysis for all of their products to demonstrate their purity. You can view these certificates here

Like other premium CBD brands, Harmony also certify that their products contain 0% THC. This makes Harmony a great choice if you’re concerned about drug testing, or just want to avoid any trace of THC in your CBD products. 

Popular Harmony Products

Although Harmony make a diverse range of CBD products, their vape e-liquids are by far their most popular offerings. We’ve listed the three most popular CBD vape e-liquids from Harmony below, along with a brief summary of each one:

Baked Custard CBD E Liquid 10ml By Harmony

Harmony’s most popular flavour, this CBD e-liquid has a tasty custard flavour with touches of vanilla and hazelnut. Like other Harmony CBD e-liquids, it’s available in concentrations of 30, 100, 300 or 600mg per bottle.

Gourmet Tobacco CBD E Liquid 10ml By Harmony

Another tasty e-liquid, this one has a gourmet tobacco flavour with slight infusions of caramel and vanilla. Available in 100, 300 or 600mg concentrations, this CBD e-liquid from Harmony is made in the UK and certified to have a 0% THC content. 

Strawberry Wild CBD E Liquid 10ml By Harmony

Sweet and delicious, this strawberry-flavoured CBD e-liquid packs both therapeutic CBD and a fantastic taste into each vape. Like other Harmony CBD products, it’s available in a wide range of concentrations, is certified to contain 0% THC and uses an 80% PG, 20% VG mix. 

Harmony CBD Vape E-Liquids

Harmony’s range of CBD vape e-liquids are some of our top-selling products, and for a variety of good reasons. Not only are Harmony’s products delicious and ideal for consuming CBD with your vape kit, but they’re also priced with affordability in mind.

Below, we’ve listed all of the Harmony CBD vape e-liquid flavours we carry. Our range features 13 different 10ml vape e-liquids, as well as Harmony’s ultra-popular selection of 1ml CBD vape cartridges:

  • Baked Custard. As we mentioned above, Baked Custard is the most popular Harmony vape e-liquid in our range. This e-liquid tastes great, comes in a variety of strengths and, like all Harmony products, offers great value for money.
  • Critical Mala. Another great-tasting e-liquid, Critical Mala has a herbal and woody taste that’s made it a favourite of CBD enthusiasts. This e-liquid contains a mix of alpha and beta Pinene, contributing to its strong terpene aromas.
  • Exodus Cheese. Based on one of the CBD world’s most well-known strains, the Exodus Cheese flavour is one of Harmony’s most popular. LIke all Harmony e-liquids, this variety comes in a range of concentrations and uses an 80% PG, 20% VG mix.
  • Gourmet Tobacco. Ideal for fans of a classic tobacco taste, Gourmet Tobacco contains hints of caramel and vanilla. As with all Harmony products, this contains 0% THC and is available in a range of concentrations to suit your needs.
  • Kiwi Skunk. Designed for true aficionados, Kiwi Skunk mixes skunk flavours with tasty kiwi for a refreshing blend. Available in 30, 100, 300 and 600mg concentrations, this is one of Harmony’s most popular fruity vape e-liquids.
  • Mango Kush. A fantastic option for those who like a tropical fruit-inspired vape, Mango Kush is certified to contain 0% THC. Like other Harmony products, Mango Kush’s great flavour stems from its rich terpene content.
  • Moroccan Mint. Packed with mint and menthol flavours, Moroccan Mint is a refreshing, great-tasting CBD e-liquid from Harmony. Thanks to its refreshing taste and great scent, this is one of the best e-liquids for vaping while on the go.
  • New York Diesel. Based on the New York native sativa strain, New York Diesel offers an earthy taste with hints of lime and grapefruit. Like all Harmony e-liquids, New York Diesel comes in a wide range of strengths to suit anyone’s needs and preferences.
  • O.G. Kush. Packed with the outstanding taste and aroma of the O.G. Kush strain, O.G. Kush e-liquid from Harmony is designed specifically for enthusiasts. With a 30 to 600mg CBD concentration, this e-liquid is available to suit the needs of any CBD user. 
  • Original Hemp. Ideal for CBD users who prefer the classic taste of original hemp to the sweet, fruity e-liquids that currently dominate the market, Original Hemp is a tasty CBD e-liquid that’s available in Harmony’s usual range of concentrations.
  • Strawberry Wild. Sweet and undeniably delicious, Strawberry Wild is designed for vape enthusiasts who like their e-liquids on the fruity side. With a juicy strawberry flavour, this e-liquid is equal parts sweet, balanced and delicious.
  • Super Lemon Haze. Tasty and satisfying, this terpene-based e-liquid is based around the popular super lemon haze strain. Like other Harmony CBD e-liquids, Super Lemon Haze is available in 30, 100, 300 and 600mg CBD concentrations.
  • Pure Base. Unlike Harmony’s other e-liquids, Pure Base is not designed for vaping on its own. Instead, this is a flavourless vape additive that’s designed to be added to other e-liquids for a therapeutic CBD boost.
  • 1ml CBD Cartridge By Harmony. Available in two flavours, these 1ml pre-filled CBD cartridges are designed for use with Harmony’s CBD pen. Designed to provide around 400 puffs, each cartridge contains a certified 100mg CBD content.

Harmony CBD Crystals

In addition to our selection of vape e-liquids from Harmony, we also stock Harmony’s popular cannabidiol crystals. Designed for use with e-liquid, an oil carrier or food and drink, each pack contains a full 500mg of CBD in crystal form. 

Harmony: Overall Verdict

Harmony is a popular CBD brand for a reason — the company’s products offer high quality and are available at an affordable price. As such, they’ve become a favourite of CBD users around the world, particularly in the UK and throughout Europe.

Key advantage of Harmony include their focus on purity, with their products regularly tested and certified not only to meet their label claims for CBD content, but also to ensure that they have a 0% THC content. 

As you’d expect from their product range, Harmony’s CBD e-liquids are by far the most popular products from the brand that we carry. With a selection of great-tasting flavours to choose from, Harmony’s range of CBD e-liquids are undoubtedly some of the most popular on the market.

Overall, while Harmony isn’t the biggest CBD brand on the market, it’s certainly one of the most popular with consumers. If you’re looking for a great-tasting, affordable and highly pure e-liquid, you’ll find a lot to like about Harmony’s range. 

View Our Range of Harmony Products

Looking for Harmony CBD products? View our complete range of Harmony e-liquids, crystals and other products in our online CBD store and enjoy free UK delivery for all orders of £25 or more. 

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