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Love Hemp: Product Overview and Buyer’s Guide

Established by Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland, two London-based entrepreneurs, in 2015, Love Hemp has spent the last few years developing into the UK’s largest and most well-known CBD brand. 

Love Hemp’s product range includes a diverse selection of CBD products, from high quality oils and edibles to CBD-based cosmetics, vape e-liquids and a large variety of other products, many of which are available in our online CBD shop

Thanks to their high product quality and premium brand image, Love Hemp’s CBD products are aimed squarely at the high end of the market. Their products are certified THC free, thoroughly tested by trusted third parties and sell with a guarantee on their CBD content.

Love Hemp’s brand image is also sleek and stylish, with a holistic, premium look that sets their products apart from the competition. Despite this, most products from Love Hemp are priced at a fair level — while they aren’t the cheapest around, they’re not the most expensive either.

Below, we’ve put together a complete buyer’s guide to Love Hemp. Our guide covers everything from the company’s most popular products to our personal favourites, from CBD vape additives, oils and crystals to CBD-infused chocolates and more.

What is Love Hemp?

Love Hemp are a UK-based CBD products company, founded in 2015 by Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland. Since its launch, the Love Hemp brand has been featured in a selection of UK-based and international media outlets, including The Times and the Daily Telegraph.

As the UK’s biggest CBD brand, Love Hemp has attracted plenty of attention from international investors over the years. In 2019, the brand was acquired by the medicinal cannabis investment company World High Life as part of a £9 million deal.

Unlike many other CBD brands, which sell some CBD products containing traces of THC, all of Love Hemp’s products are certified to be THC free.

Popular Love Hemp Products

Love Hemp’s product range isn’t the largest in the industry, but it includes something to suit just about any CBD enthusiast. Below, we’ve listed several of Love Hemp’s most popular products, from CBD oil tinctures to tasty treats infused with CBD: 

CBD Hemp Oil 10ml by Love Hemp

As you might expect, CBD oil tinctures are some of Love Hemp’s most popular products. This natural flavoured CBD hemp oil tincture is non-GMO, vegan-friendly and available in two CBD concentrations of 800mg or 2,000mg per bottle. 

CBD Infused Dark Chocolate Bites 

Ideal for enjoying a tasty CBD-infused treat while on the go, these dark chocolate bites feature 200mg of cannabidiol per pack. With 64% cacao, they’re also packed with antioxidants that can be found in dark chocolate. 

CBD Blueberry Menthol E-Liquid

Our most popular e-liquid from Love Hemp, this blueberry menthol flavoured vape e-liquid uses the high quality full spectrum CBD. As a 60VG/40PG e-liquid, it’s ideal for use in almost all vape kits. Like other Love CBD products, it’s made in the UK and has a 0% THC content. 

Love Hemp CBD Oils

Love Hemp sell a variety of CBD oils. Although their product range isn’t quite as big as many of their competitors, their focus on quality and practice of lab certifying their products for their CBD content has made them a favourite of many CBD enthusiasts. 

All of Love Hemp’s CBD oil products are independently quality tested and verified to contain 0% THC. These products vary in origin — some are made in the UK, while others are manufactured in the USA. All are formulated to meet the UK’s strict requirements on THC content.

In terms of pricing, Love Hemp’s range of CBD oils aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they certainly offer strong value for money when you consider their purity and quality. To provide an example, we’ve listed some of Love Hemp’s most popular CBD oil products below.

CBD Rich Organic Coconut Oil 10000mg (10%) 100ml By Love Hemp

With a total CBD content of 10,000mg per 100ml bottle, this CBD-infused coconut oil is a rich, convenient option for people that want to consume a strong dose of CBD. The bottle sells with its own 1ml calibrated dropper, allowing you to easily and accurately consume the right dose.

Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Natural 10ml By Love Hemp

Compact and convenient, this 10ml bottle of peppermint CBD hemp oil is made for sublingual use. It’s made in the UK, features 2,000mg of full spectrum CBD and is lab tested to verify its 0% THC content. 

CBD Hemp Oil Natural 10ml By Love Hemp

This medium-strength CBD oil comes in a 10ml bottle and features either 800mg or 2,000mg of full spectrum CBD per bottle. With a natural flavour, this non-GMO, gluten-free CBD oil is ideal for people that like something with a subtle taste. 

Love Hemp Edibles

Love Hemp are famous for their edibles — in particular, their range of CBD-infused dark and milk chocolates. We’ve listed these products below, along with more information on each edible CBD product’s taste, CBD content and more.

CBD Infused Dark Chocolate Bites, 200mg CBD Content 

Packed with CBD, these dark chocolate bites are the perfect snack for CBD enthusiasts. Each chocolate bite contains a modest dose of full spectrum, 0% THC CBD, with the CBD content of the entire pack measuring in at 200mg in total. 

CBD Infused Milk Chocolate Malt Bites, 200mg CBD Content

For those that don’t like the taste of dark chocolate, these milk chocolate CBD malt bites are an excellent buy. Each 100 gram pack contains 200mg of full spectrum, 0% THC CBD, all with the classic taste of milk chocolate. 

Love Hemp Vape E-Liquids and Additives

Although Love Hemp don’t offer the largest range of CBD vape additives in the industry, their products are well known for their high quality level. Like all Love Hemp products, the brand’s vape e-liquids are all independently lab tested to verify that they have a 0% THC content.

CBD Blueberry Menthol 250mg 15ml E-Liquid By Love Hemp

Love Hemp’s most popular CBD e-liquid flavour, this blueberry menthol e-liquid has a delicious taste that’s made it a favourite of CBD vape enthusiasts for years. A 60% VG / 40% PG mix, it’s designed for convenient, simple use in almost all vape kits. 

CBD Custard Cream 250mg 15ml E-Liquid By Love Hemp

Another popular flavour, this custard cream e-liquid contains 250mg of full spectrum, 0% THC cannabidiol per 15ml bottle. Like other Love Hemp e-liquids, it’s made in the UK, lab tested to verify its 0% THC content and uses a convenient 60VG/40PG mix. 

CBD Grape 250mg 15ml E-Liquid By Love Hemp

Another tasty e-liquid from Love Hemp, grape isn’t quite as popular as blueberry menthol or the brand’s custard cream e-liquid. However, it ticks all the right boxes, with a 0% THC content, UK manufacturing origin and 250mg of full spectrum CBD per bottle.

Mary Jane CBD E-Liquid 15ml 250mg By Love Hemp

For those that prefer a natural taste to their CBD products, this is the e-liquid to choose. With a natural Mary Jane flavour, this CBD e-liquid has just what you’d expect from Love Hemp — 99% purity, 0% THC and 250mg of full spectrum CBD per bottle.

CBD Rich E-Liquid Vape Additive 750mg 15ml By Love Hemp

If you prefer adding CBD to your existing vape e-liquid, this is the product you’ve been looking for. With 750mg of full spectrum CBD per 15ml bottle, this vape additive is perfect for adding to your favourite e-liquids to help you enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD.

Love Hemp CBD Skincare Products

In addition to CBD oils and vape e-liquids, Love Hemp also offer a small range of CBD-infused face and skincare products. These products typically contain CBD in combination with a range of other healthy, skin-supporting ingredients to help you maintain smoother, healthier skin.

CBD-Infused Cellulose Fibre Mask 10mg By Love Hemp

Designed to hydrate your skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, boost dull areas and provide a warm, healthy glow, this CBD-infused fibre facial mask is ideal for CBD enthusiasts that want to make sure that their skin receives all of the natural support it needs to look and feel its best. 

CBD-Infused Body Salve 300mg By Love Hemp

Designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin, this beeswax and CBD-infused body salve can be used on your entire body. In addition to CBD, it contains several essential oils that are linked to improvements in skin hydration and overall skin health. 

Love Hemp: Overall Verdict

Overall, we’re big fans of Love Hemp. While their product range isn’t the largest in the industry, the products that they do offer are always near or at the top of their category when it comes to purity, quality and overall experience. 


The quality of Love Hemp’s products is second to none. Like we covered above, all of their CBD products are independently lab tested not only to ensure that they contain what’s claimed on the label, but also to check that they have a 0% THC content.

This means that not only do you know what you’re buying, but also that you’re protected against the risk of failing a THC-based drug test due to a contaminated CBD product.

In addition to their purity and independent lab testing, Love Hemp’s products have an obviously premium look and feel. Their packaging is durable and feels high quality, giving the impression that you’re buying a top-of-the-line CBD product.

Value for Money

While Love Hemp isn’t the cheapest CBD brand on the market, their products generally offer good value for money. In fact, many of their products are priced very competitively, especially when you consider their strong CBD concentration. 

For example, this 10ml, 800mg bottle of CBD hemp oil from Love Hemp costs £45.99, or about £5.75 per 100mg of CBD. 

Meanwhile, this 30ml bottle of CBD oil from Ace CBD, which contains 500mg of CBD, sells for £38.99, or £7.80 per 100mg of CBD. This 10ml bottle of CBD oil from Somnio CBD, which has 500mg of CBD, also sells for £38.99, or £7.80 per 100mg of CBD. 

Overall, the value for money offered by Love Hemp is great, especially when you consider their strict approach to purity, independent testing and product quality. 

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